Japan Pop Culture HQ is an internet based business dedicated to spreading different cultures around the world.  The topics on the site are currently only Japanese Anime but more topics, features, and content will be added as time goes on.

JapanpopcultureHQ.com was started to give people who enjoy Japanese culture a place where they can come to find information about the topics they enjoy and interact with others that share the same interests.  The site currently offers information about Japanese Anime and a forum for people to post and talk about multiple topics.

We also have Videos of an US anime talk web show that is held every other weekend. Many of the creators of the site are speakers on the show. Feel free to learn more about this on the following link.  Anime Talk Community

The future plans for the website is to make it a hub of information about Japanese Culture and of People seeking this information.  This includes adding more content, features, sections, and media to the site.



I am the founder of Japan Pop Culture Hq and the business behind this group of sites.  My name is Michael D but most people just call me Mike.  My role here is that of a jack of all traits.  I am mainly in charge of the main site as well as the back end business.

I got into anime quite a few years back but had a hard time finding content and information about the different aspects of Japanese pop culture due to the limitations of technology and content in the U.S.  I am not that big of a collector but do have a few things that i enjoy.  I am really into reading manga, light novels, and watching anime.

We created this organization to help bring every aspect of japan pop culture to the U.S as a form of entertainment that everyone can enjoy with good stories, lovable characters, and great entertainment.  From an organization for everyone by U.S otakus.

Enjoy the fruits of our labor.



My name is Nathen. I hail from a small town in Alaska and I’m quite fond of photography, computers, Japanese Pop Culture in general.

My job here to make sure everything is running smoothly with no bumps, I also work on a Figure site that will be released sometime in the future (hopefully).

My waifu is Kirino Kousaka from Oreimo.

I watch anime sometimes during the week when I got the time and I try to keep up with the new anime seasons as they come and go.I collect anime figures and other anime merch. You can view my room which I take great pride in here.

Please enjoy our site to its fullest and I hope you enjoy your time here!