Producers: Earth Star Entertainment, F.M.F


Synopsis: Anitore follows a group of girls as they instruct the viewers in a different exercise in each episode.


Genres: Comedy, Sports


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Air Dates: Oct 13, 2015 to Dec 29, 2015


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Episode 1 – Push-up and Crunches! Bring It On!!

Episode 2 – More Push-ups! For Bigger Bra Size!!

Episode 3 – Back Squats! Go for the Japanese Beauty Look!!

Episode 4 – Descent of the False God! Guide Me, Darkness!

Episode 5 – Let’s Dancing! Sparkling with Sweat!!

Episode 6 – Kick & Twist! Here We Go!!

Episode 7 – Tough Push-ups and Squats! Don’t give up!

Episode 8 – More Dancing! Smile and Detox!!

Episode 9 – Stretchy Stretch! Poolside Charms!!

Episode 10 – Let’s Go to the Sports Gym! Fun Exercises!

Episode 11 – Easy Tai Chi! Core Strength Training!

Episode 12 – Vital Exercises! Smile more!!

Miku Itō as Asami Hoshi

Azumi Waki as Eri Higuchi

Kanon Takao as Yū Hiraoka

Maria Naganawa as Shion Tachibana

Miyu Komaki as Shizuno Saotome

Eri Sogabe as Andalucia (eps 3, 5, 9)

Director: Atsushi Nigorikawa

Series Composition: Daisuke Ishibashi

Original Character Design: Masahito Onoda

Character Design: Shuuhei Yamamoto

Chief Animation Director: Shuuhei Yamamoto

Art Setting: Satoshi Shibata

Color design: Akihiro Nakagawa