Producers: Sentai Filmworks, Nexus, NBCUniversal Entertainment


Synopsis: Wakaba girl follows Wakaba Kohashi and her friends as they go to school and discover more about eachother and what it means to be friends.  Each of the girls has their own little quirks that we discover throughout the series.


Genres: Comedy, School, Slice of Life


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Wakaba*Girl (Manga)


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Air Dates: Jul 3, 2015 to Sep 25, 2015


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Number of episodes:

Episode 1 – My Dream is to Become a High School Girl

Episode 2 – In a D-Cup, Please

Episode 3 – The Road to Becoming a Gyaru is Long

Episode 4 – So This Is A Knife

Episode 5 – Rich Girls Are Not Fair

Episode 6 – The Area of Fabric is Too Small

Episode 7 – A Sniper, By Any Chance?

Episode 8 – Bang Bang Bang

Episode 9 – Wakaba-chan Fever

Episode 10 – That’s Impossible

Episode 11 – A Machine for Generating Lazy People

Episode 12 – Stop With Those Eyes

Episode 13 – Regular Girl

Ari Ozawa as Wakaba Kohashi

M.A.O as Mao Kurokawa

Mikako Izawa as Moeko Tokita

Rie Murakawa as Nao Mashiba

Azumi Asakura as Otoha Kohashi (Wakaba’s mother; 7 episodes)

Juri Kimura as Yuzuha Kohashi (Wakaba’s older sister; eps 1-3, 5-13)

Hibiku Yamamura as Ghost (ep 9)

Junichi Yanagita as Boy A (ep 3), Ikemen voice (ep 3)

Makoto Furukawa as Boy B (ep 3)

Mamiko Noto as Teacher (eps 1-2, 5)

Ray as Band member (ep 9)

Sayaka Senbongi as Voice 2 (ep 9)

Shizuka Ishigami as Announcement (ep 10), Ice cream shop employee (ep 2), Pizza delivery employee (ep 13), Student (ep 1), Voice 1 (ep 9)

Yō Taichi as Girl (ep 5)

Director: Masaharu Watanabe

Series Composition: Jukki Hanada

Script: Jukki Hanada

Music: Kenji Kawai

Original creator: Yui Hara

Character Design: Kana Ishida

Chief Animation Director: Kana Ishida

Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa

Theme Song Performance: Ari Ozawa (ep 9), M.A.O (ep 9), Mikako Izawa (ep 9), Ray, Rie Murakawa (ep 9)