Anime is defined as an art style started in Japan that has a colorful unique art style with voice actors portraying characters in situations that include many different themes.  Many of the themes can range from children shows like Pokemon to adult shows with very adult themes like hentai or ecchi shows.  In other words it is a unique style of art that is worth checking out.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way let me explain a little more detail about the anime that you will find in this section of the site.

The following pages of the website will have information about anime and the people behind the anime as well as news about anime.

The information will include:


  • Plot summary
  • Voice acters and who they played in the anime
  • Links to other websites where more information or different information can be found
  • Genres that the anime falls into
  • Number of episodes and their names.
  • Information about the music on the show
  • Information about the organizations and people that helped to put the show on the air
  • Places where you can buy the DVD / BlueRay discs
  • And lastly places where you can watch the shows ether online or through an app

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