Accel World Review

 Written by, Mike

This review will be about the action comedy anime named Accel World.  Accel world was part of both the spring and summer 2012 anime season.  The anime ran for 24 episodes across both seasons.  It was directed by Masakazu Obara and is based on the light novel series by Kawahara Reki.


This anime takes place in a future where everyone in the world has what are called cyber links attached to their brains.  These devices seem to turn a person’s brain into a organic computer that allows them to do all the things that we now do on our cell phones and computers in our head using a VR type interface.  The story centers around a short round boy named Haruyuki Arita.  Haruyuki is the kid in the class that no one really knows and doesn’t have many friends.  He also gets picked on a lot due to his looks and personality.  The bullies in this school are smart enough to have figured out the best place to pick on this poor kid where they won’t get caught so Harauyuki has decided to do two things.  The first is to just turn the other cheek and accept that this is his fate and the other is to escape this crappy reality into the VR world and play video games which he is quite good at.  This talent for VR games led him to catch the eye of the cutest girl in the school who is known as Kuroyukihime.  After catching her eye she leads Harauyuki to a world called Accel World and on an adventure.

Accel-World 2

Accel World is an action comedy anime with some love and school life mixed in.  This anime offers something for just about everyone.  There are some great fights, the love of a pig avatar and a very cute black butterfly, a cute stern loli character, and a kid that has just about given up on life.  This anime is based on a light novel series and the anime does a pretty good job of staying true to the original story to tell the story in a way that brings it to life.  The anime is 24 episodes long so if you are going to try to watching this anime straight be ready to be watching it for a while.

Accel world 3

The action in this anime is quite good but it isn’t very fast passed from one fight to the next.  There is lots of plot and story that takes place between one fight to the next.  I personally do not mind this and like how the anime takes time to develop the story and the characters.  This helps the audience to relate to the characters and also keeps them on the edge of their seat waiting for the next episode. But if you are looking for an anime like DPZ or one piece where each episode is different fights with little plot in between then this is not your anime.  The anime also does a good job building drama with the main character and all that he has to go through to change his life and get some self confidence.

I would recommend this anime to anyone looking for an anime with some cute characters that will tug at your heart strings and action that will keep you wanting more.  I give this anime a 9 out of 10 based on the flow of the anime, story, and action.

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