Bodacious Space Pirates Review

Written by, Mike

This week’s anime review is going to be the anime Mouretsu Pirates also known as Bodacious Space Pirates.  This anime was part of the winter / spring 2012 anime seasons and was directed by Tatsuo Satou.  This anime is based on the light novel written by Yuuichi Sasamoto with art by Noriyuki Matsumoto.

Mouretsu Pirates-Cast


This anime is about a world in the future where mankind has ventured out into space and has now colonized much of space.  In this world a region of space exists where space pirates have been active for some time.  These pirates all have what are called letters of marquee that were given out during the war for independence that they area had long ago.  The letters that these pirates have allow them to take on jobs from multiple different organizations and people who do not want the mission or task to be taken by normal means.  The story follows a girl named Marika Katou as she learns that she is the heir to a pirate ship named the Bentenmaru.  She now has to learn how to be a pirate captain while also being a normal high school girl.

Mouretsu Pirates 2

This anime is quite interesting in the fact that the major villain of the anime does not appear until the second set of episodes.  This means that the whole first set of episodes are nothing but back story and fun episodes.  The anime does do a good job keeping each of the episodes interesting and engaging so that the viewer wants to keep watching to see what happens next.  Because this is a pirate anime you would expect to have some fights in it and this anime does deliver.

Mouretsu Pirates 3

The fights are very well done with a good mix of ship battles and tactics.  Some of the combat features have been dumb down due to how complex they are but they do a good job keeping these aspects of the combat engaging like the other parts.  The one issue with the that I have is that there is too much traditional sailing terms and tactics when they are flying around in space ships with advanced technology so why are they using SAILS.  Even with this issue the anime is really good and worth watching all the way through.  I give it 9 out of 10 based on the characters, story and combat.

Mouretsu Pirates

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