Campione Review

Written by, Mike

This week’s review is on the anime named Campione.  This anime was part of the summer 2012 anime season and directed by Keizou Kusakawa.  The anime is based on the light novel of the same name written by Jou Taketsuki with art by Sikorsky.

Campione Cast

This anime is about a freshman high school student named Godou Kusanagi who had always thought of himself as a normal kid with extraordinary circumstances.  Right before he is to start high school he is sent on a trip to Italy by his grandfather.  The trip is to return an odd stone tablet to and Italian woman that he had met in the past.  This trip to Italy leads to multiple drastic changes to his life like a meeting with a beautiful strong willed Italian girl his own age, a fight with an ancient god that has manifested on earth, and the entering into a world of magic and gods.  He will return from this trip as a god slaying devil king also known as a Campione (Campione is Italian for Champion).  These devil kings are the only ones that can fight against the gods that manifest on earth.  With his new powers his is forced to battle gods, other Campiones, and the strong willed women that enter his life due to his new stature.


This anime is different from the last two animes that were reviewed.  I should start by saying that I did enjoy this anime and am a great fan of the light novels.  While this one does have some humor worked in the anime is more of a fighting harem anime.  The story will have many of the typical harem plot devices like a guy whose complete lack of romantic situational awareness will drive every guy watching scream at their screen “JUST KISS THE DAMN HOT GIRL ALREADY”.  It also has the several girls whose personality and looks will make the girls watching roll their eyes and the guys wish to trade places with that lucky bastard.

The story is great in that it is interesting enough to make you want to see what happens next and how the main characters are going to get out of the bad situations that they find themselves in.  But the issue with the plot is that there are huge holes in it where they introduce new characters and situations that have some small part in the anime but large part of the overall story.  The only way to fill these holes in the story is to read the light novel series and then watch the anime.  Because of this the anime would have been much better if they had made it a 24 episode anime and gone into depth with the characters and situations.  This would have given them time to fill in the gaps and make the story much better.


If you compare the anime to the light novel the light novel is far better with the anime not doing it any justice.  The saving grace for the anime is the battles and the harem aspect.  Watching the girls all fight over the guy makes for some great situations and humor.  The battles are well thought through and give you plenty of action. The music and voice acting is also very well done with the voice actors playing their parts perfectly.  To conclude this review I will say this about the Campione anime.  Even with all the faults I love the LN series and the anime.  I have watched it and plan on buying the Blu-ray once I am able too.  I say watch the series and enjoy it but read the Light novels first to better understand all that is going on.  If you don’t like harem animes then this one will not be for you.  I give this series 6 out of 10 due to the bad plot and the story telling.

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