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This review is going to be on the anime named Date a Live.  Date a Live was part of the spring 2013 anime season and directed by Keitaro Motonaga.  Date a live is based on the light novel written by Koushi Tachibana with art by Tsunako.


Date a Live is a romance / harem anime with some action and drama mixed in for some good measure.  The action and drama in the anime play a role but not a major one and are not a main focus of the story.  The anime takes place in a world where beings called spirits enter our world for unknown reasons and at random times and locations.  When these spirits enter our world they cause catastrophes on an epic scale known as space quakes.  These space quakes cause great amounts of damage and death when they happen so humanity has developed different ways to protect its self when the space quakes happen.

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One of the way that humanity have developed to combat the space quakes is to try to get the spirits to leave as quickly as they can by engaging them before too much damage can happen.  To fight these super human spirits humanity created the AST (Anti spirit Squad) to fight them.  This team which is made up of all girls use super technology that only girls can use to fight the spirits.  The story follows the high school student Shidou Itsuka and his sister as they try to subdue the spirits in a way other than having to fight and try to kill them.  To do this Shidou will team up with his sister and a whole team of people to try to get the spirits to fall in love with Shidou by going on dates with him.

The best way that I can explain the Date a Live anime is to call it a dating sim with some good fighting mixed in.  The fighting is pretty good for a dating sim, romance, and harem anime.

date a live

The main character of this anime is one of the better ones that I have seen in this kind of anime.  He doesn’t seem to be an aloof dumb ass who can’t tell that the girls around him like him and want to be his girlfriend.  He understands that he has to get these spirits to fall for him but can still be shy as a normal high school guy would be.  The main issue that he is having is to not let the girls get jealous as he keeps taking spirits on dates.  Oh to be in his shoes!!!!

As a romance anime you can expect the girls to be cute have many of the characteristics that you will always find in these kinds of anime.  The situations that all the characters get in are funny and will make you wish that you were the main character in many different ways.  Date a Live also does a great job sticking to the source material by not taking the story in a weird direction that has nothing to do with the story in the light novel.Date a live 4

This makes the anime even better because you can use it to add voices and visuals to the light novel story and characters.  One thing that you don’t find much of in this anime is fan service.  Sure there is some in it but unlike many other anime of this type it is not all you find.  Sure the girls are all great looking and there are panty shots but the fan service is not every other scene and you get to enjoy the plot more.  I would recommend this anime to people who enjoy harem anime with a good story.  I give it a 9 out of 10 and say watch it and just enjoy it.

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