Servant X Service Review

 Written by, Mike

The anime that is being reviewed this time is Servant x Service.  This anime aired during the summer 2013 season and was directed by Yosutaka Yamamoto and is based on the manga by Karino Takatsu. The main cast is as below, if you can’t see the names just click the image to bring up the full-size version.

SxS Cast


This anime is about a group of new employees at the Health and Welfare department at a government ward office.  The anime follows these new employees as they learn about their jobs and interact with their fellow employees or visitors to the office.  The group is put into different situations based on the different aspects of working in that department.  The situations range from ones that every person who has worked in an office can relate too and understand as well as situations that might only happen due to the culture of Japan.  This just means that the viewer might want to have a little bit of knowledge about Japanese culture but it will not prevent any viewer from being able to laugh at the humor.


When a person first reads the plot summary of this anime it might seem like it will be a serious drama type.  This impression is destroyed at the start of the first episode when the first funny situation hits.  The first situation shows that this is going to be a funny anime about interesting characters with different quirks and lifes.

servant-x-service 2

The anime follows the main cast but does introduce different characters that relate and interact with the main characters in different ways to help produce the different situations that they get into.  The anime will also poke fun at the people that come to the ward office to see the government employees,  it does this in a generalized way but it stays respectful to the different people and their personalities.  This anime does a good job of showing that even in a government office there can still be funny people with their own personalities and lives.

I will admit that I enjoyed this anime and give this anime 8 out of 10 due to the fact that even though it is a funny anime and well done a viewer should have some understanding of Japan and its culture.  I suggest that you watch the anime yourself and if it makes you laugh then it did its job and if it doesn’t then oh well.

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