Live Action Impossibility Defense Mini Series gets new Promo Video and Theme Song

     The website for the upcoming live action mini series adaption of the Impossibility Defense manga.  This series is also getting a movie adaption that will be coming out in 2018.  The theme song called “Oroka Mono-tachi” (Fools) is being sung by GLIM SPANKY for the mini series.  The link to the website can be found here.

More People Joining the Cast of the beatless Anime series

The January 2018 issue of Kadokawa’s Newtype Magazine will announce more cast for the upcoming anime Beatless. We also have a new visual and promo video for the series.  The link to the website for the series can be found here. New Cast:  Takuto Yoshinaga as Arato Endo Kaito Ishikawa as Ryo Kaidai Daiki Yamashita as Kengo Suguri Saki Ono as…


Websites for the Dagashi Kashi 2 and Takunomi Anime’s have revealed some Interesting News

     The websites for the Dagashi Kashi 2 and Takunomi anime series have announced that the two series will be in back to back time slots when they premier.  Both series will be premiering on January 11th with Dagashi Kashi 2 airing first and Takunomi coming next in the time slot.  The websites also have…