Publisher name:

Kodansha Comics

CopyRight Info:

© Kodansha USA Publishing, LLC

Story by:  Ryou Ryumon

Art by:   Ryou Ryumon

genre: Action, Drama, Psychological. School Life. Sci-fi, Shounen

Number of Volumes out: Eleven

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Synopsis: Sourced from Kodansha Comics’s website


Takagi Fujimaru may seem like a regular high school student, but behind the cheery facade lies a genius hacker by the name of Falcon. When his father is framed for a murder, Falcon uses his brilliant hacking skills to try and protect his sister and clear his father’s name. However, he finds that his father, an agent in an elite government agency, was involved with something far more complex than a simple murder. A terrorist group is plotting against the city of Tokyo and it is up to Falcon, with the help of his friends to unravel the twisted plans set in place to kill millions of people.

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