Publisher name:

Seven Seas Entertainment

CopyRight Info:

© 2008 Takashi Okazaki

Story by:  Takashi Okazaki

Art by:   Takashi Okazaki

genre: Action, Adventure, drama,

Number of Volumes out: Two

Link to Manga’s Official page: Link

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Synopsis: Sourced from seven seas Entertainment’s website


In the bleak world of the swordsman, it is said that he who becomes the No. 1 samurai shall rule the world. And only No.2 is allowed to challenge No.1. Afro Samurai has assumed the mantle of No. 2, seeking vengeance against No.1, a gunman who killed his father years ago. But assassins lurk at every corner, seeking to rob Afro Samurai of the title of No. 2. Can Afro survive long enough to exact his revenge?

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