I have known about the Manga that this anime is based off of for a while now. I read it on Batoto and really liked the humor. I am the kind of person that liked Seitokai Yakuindomo so this manga was right up my alley. When I first heard that it was getting an anime I was excited but hoped that they did not ruin it by taking out the naughty jokes and ecchi parts. After watching the first episode I was laughing so hard that my wife called out to me from the other room asking me what was so funny. Each episode has been just as funny as the manga and it has been great to see this funny story come to life with voices to the character that I love. I would recommend this anime to anyone who wants a good laugh.

For those people who want a plot summary it is about a mangaka (Professional Manga Artist) who draws a cute slightly ecchi manga and his dealings with his assistants and the magazine that the manga is published in.

Oh and don’t take it too seriously because it doesn’t take its self seriously.

Below are the links to the manga and the anime as well as a gallery with some images from the show.

Manga on Batoto

Anime onĀ Crunchyroll


Who doesn't?

Who doesn’t?

The debate that matters the most in the world.

The debate that matters the most in the world.

Words to live by.

Words to live by.








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