March 9, 2013


Hello everyone again. I have decided to try another approach to our Study Group. Our Case Studies targets questions we have about the Anime/Manga World. We also want to learn more information about things we love. So in order to learn more, We will be setting up “Research Projects” on different Topics.


For instance, The School Uniforms.


As far as I’ve seen, in every Season we have at least one show that takes place in a school. If they are in a high school, they tend to always be in uniform. While some of the informs look the same. They all have some slight differences. I’d like to look around in anime and find all the different types of uniforms they have. Also see if any series shares the same uniform. We’ll also look into how each Character wears different Items to set themselves apart from each other.


As we set up our Research Project I know well find ourselves asking more Questions. This will help with keeping the project alive. If you have a Research project Idea! please let me know. I’d love to see what our readers are thinking. ^_^



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